I am not able to speak Hindi like I used to when I lived in India. Forget writing it, that’s a different story! I often notice myself over-mixing words from English into my Hindi when I chat with familiar people on FaceTime.

Poor memory’’ (2019-ongoing) looks at photographs that having solved their purposes sit idle in a forgotten storage box. The photographs were taken in 2018 as memories from a summer spent at home and brought over to Canada to produce a monologue. Vijan hasn’t visited his home town since then and future plans seemed impossible with the advent of COVID-19. The wheels of longing has yet again started to turn. Much like the pictures in  storage box his memories of home were buried into the dark corners of the mind and needed to be excavated. Thus making use of left over images from previous projects as raw material he ties to recreate experiences that lay somewhere in between his own memory, memory of the image and fiction. Through the intersection of photography with other media he creates imagery that represent at times, fictional (from photos which were taken at an unfamiliar site) and at times questionably accurate (from photos which were taken in familiar sites such as the dining room at parents house). The faded memory, in Vijan’s experience, developed as a consequence of lacking interaction with his native place and the people who inhabit it.

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